Ass pennies

Upright Citizens Brigade. (NSFW) … continue reading this entry.


The immigration debate

The immigration debate, circa 1620. Buncha “pale-face lovin’ hippies.” … continue reading this entry.

Third daily Crazy

Second daily crazy

Part 2: (My comments are a bit long winded on this one). … continue reading this entry.

The God of Fire

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Always stumbling across cool stuff on the web. Really. … continue reading this entry.

First daily crazy

This is the first in a series of daily crazies, or something, crazy things, hence crazies. Nomenclatures are fleeting, just read. … continue reading this entry.

Okay, okay . . .

Okay, okay. Crazy things happen, always, there is no doubt about that. But how many, and where. What is happening right now? This should be a collection of the crazy things I stumble across. Musings, analysis, one-liners and blathering on what I saw and where I saw it.

A hiatus diversion from my other blog and something else to do.